Republic of Moldova

Europe`s poorest country

In Moldova, a quarter of the population has left the country in search of work. High unemployment and lack of employment opportunities make Moldova the country with the highest labour migration. Children left behind and lonely old people are part of the sad reality. In rural areas the situation is dramatic: no access to clean drinking water and a lack of medical care and infrastructure make daily life a dreary struggle for survival.

44% of Moldovans have no access to safe drinking water. (UNDP report)

Since 2004, CONCORDIA Moldova has been committed to helping disadvantaged children, young people and their families, among others, in a country characterised by high unemployment and the highest proportion of labour migration in Europe. Especially in rural areas, where many people still live far below the poverty line, CONCORDIA Moldova is active in over 60 communities with a comprehensive range of services and offers social support - including soup kitchens, social centres, residential groups and foster families. In 2019 a total of over 3,500 people were supported by CONCORDIA.

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