Igor: On the way to a self-determined life

The story of Igor from Moldova shows how important support services are for young care leavers!

Igor was born into a large family as the youngest. But his mother died when he was still a small child, leaving his father in deep mourning and alone with seven children. Completely overwhelmed and unable to take good care of all his children, he sought help from relatives. Igor and his siblings were to be integrated into the uncle's family. But this did not work out for long; even the relatives could not give the children the affection and care they needed. And so Igor and his siblings were sent to state-run accommodation centres. As if the death of their mother and the separation of their father were not traumatic enough, the siblings were torn apart and sent to different institutions. Only Igor's sister Mihaela was allowed to stay with him.

A few years later, Igor and his sister were taken into a foster family. But fate was not kind to them, because after about four years the family broke up and once again they were denied long-term stability and care. Igor and Mihaela finally found a new home and care in a family-like house run by CONCORDIA.

Wings for Igor

Igor is now 19 years old. He is training to be an electrical engineer, works as a caregiver for the international organisation IOM and lives with his peers in a CONCORDIA social flat. This is an important intermediate step that enables him to save money for his own rented flat and everything needed for it.

Through the project "Wings4Youth of Moldova", CONCORDIA was able to offer him psychological support and material help, as well as making it possible for him to get his driving licence. Further education offers such as an English course and the personal, individual and group development sessions on various topics helped him to overcome fears, to take courage, and to get involved in an international organisation through his acquired English skills. Today, Igor shows perseverance and determination and manages to harmoniously combine studies and work.

Despite traumatic strokes of fate, Igor has managed to remain positive, open and curious, to accept offers of support and to set himself goals. This helps him to develop skills for independent living and to persevere in everything he does. Today, Igor is a confident young man with a strong value system, where empathy and kindness prevail. Igor's development shows us how important it is not to abandon young people. Therefore, we create offers that help them to develop and become independent, with big dreams and beautiful successes.

The end is at 18 - careleavers on their own

Children and young people who grow up in state care in Moldova are looked after until they turn 18. But all too often they are not prepared for life as an adult. When they reach the age of majority, they lose all entitlement to state benefits and have to stand on their own two feet from one day to the next. Many find this transition extremely difficult. They have no family support, no networks and have never experienced the security of growing up happily in their family of origin.

It is therefore hardly surprising that many young people are overwhelmed when left to their own devices. How do you find a flat? Where to find a well-paid job? How do they manage their often small budgets? Questions with which they have nowhere to turn. The result is poverty.

CONCORDIA is therefore very concerned to offer specific services for these young adults - so-called careleavers. So that they continue to have trustworthy docking points and know where they can go when they face challenges.

Empowerment-Programmes of CONCORDIA

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