International volunteering

You are over 18 years old and interested in a voluntary service abroad that lasts between six and twelve months? Then CONCORDIA is the right place for you!

We offer:

Individual coordination of the placement according to skills
Accommodation and meals
6 weeks of training with 90 hours of language course, preparation seminars, discussion groups and workshops for social work and personal development
Introductory seminar with language classes (Romanian or Bulgarian)
Personal support by local contact persons, regular volunteer meetings and reflection groups

You bring in:

Heart and brain
Willingness to get involved in new living conditions
Permanence, imagination and commitment
Transfer of travel costs and insurance

What costs will you have to pay? Apart from the travel costs, you will incur NO additional costs during the outreach. Depending on which vaccinations or travel insurance you have, these costs may be charged to you before the mission.

Are you interested? Please fill out the application form in English and send it to: volontariat(at)

CONCORDIA is an official partner organisation of WeltWegWeiser. Find out here what advantages this can bring you during your volunteer work. We also fulfil the quality standards developed by WeltWegWeiser.

Being part of CONCORDIA for six monthsgave me the opportunity to participate in something bigger, more moving and sustainable. Stepping outof your own comfort zone, traveling to a foreign country, learning the language and coming into contact with the people here simply does not leave you unaffected and has personally strengthened and pushed me forward in life.
Miriam Obermayr
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