Football Club CONCORDIA

Sport is often an important part of children's development. It teaches them endurance, team spirit and ambition. Since 2014, CONCORDIA has been offering a football project in Bulgaria for children and young people aged between 6 and 18. The children meet regularly for training and take part in a tournament once a year with teams from Sofia, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Slovakia.

Currently, the CONCORDIA football club consists of one girls' and two boys' teams. The children and young people come from marginalised social groups, from camps for refugees or live in a CONCORDIA facility.

In addition to a meaningful leisure activity, we want to use the football club to integrate marginalised children and young people into a social environment. We teach the children tolerance in the game and show them how to achieve their own goals with perseverance and discipline. In addition, the children learn to treat themselves and others with respect. At the same time, we also teach them that achievement can be fun. The coaches serve as role models and a means of identification for the young people, away from the often problematic environment they come from.

Further projects in Bulgaria

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